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In order to produce various types of relevant industrial Resins used in paint, Adhesive, ink and wood industries, and to supply requirements of affiliated units inside and outside the country, Jahan Shimi Baspar Company was established in 2000 in Shiraz industrial town. Jahan shimi Baspar Co. is capable to produce 30,000 Tons Resin and Adhesive per year. Our production line is using Technology and supervises by professional production team and engineer. Additionally in according to high efforts of research and development unit , This product can be changed depending on customer needs. Now, this company is proud of exporting some of its production in addition to supplying needs of different industries.

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Impregnated Resins

Interest in the development of solvent-impregnated resins (SIRs) and their applications for the separation of metal ions and organic compounds from water in the form of a hybrid polymeric adsorbent material has intensified over the past thirty years. SIRs are particulate adsorbers that possess a combination of the advantageous features of both liquid–liquid extraction and ion exchange and this renders them applicable to a wide range of potential liquid–solid separation and recovery processes. This paper reviews the extensive published literature on methods of synthesis of SIRs, attempts to stabilize hybrid solvent-impregnated resins and various applications of SIRs.